Sustainable Seafood Under the Miami Stars!

About last night….It was a gorgeous cool Miami night featuring fresh seafood, education, and meeting new friends at CHEF ALLEN’S HOOK, CATCH & COOK: AN EVENING OF SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD.

Seafood is a big part of South Florida’s culinary scene and its culture. Yet, today, conch, snapper, mahi mahi, grouper, marlin and stone crab species are under threat. Overfishing in the 1970s and 1980s nearly destroyed the conch population, which still hasn’t fully recovered in Florida. And studies show rising ocean temperatures due to global warming are causing some fish species to migrate to colder water.

Chef Allen has been a longtime advocate of sustainability, going back to the days when he took swordfish off the menu at his very popular Aventura Restaurant “Chef Allen’s”, because it was endangered. “That means not overfishing and minimizing harm to ocean habitats. Sustainability requires accountability, starting when the fish is caught to when it’s consumed. We have to think about it sustainably, for the future, because if we don’t, we won’t have fish.” Chef Allen

The festivities began at 7 p.m. with Elderflower champagne cocktails. And yummy Shrimp Avocado Toasts and Watermelon Seafood Ceviche!

A lovely line up of Elderflower Strawberry Champagne Cocktails.

Watermelon Seafood Ceviche.

Chef Allen in action with Avocado Shrimp Toasts.


Dinner commenced at the Cafe’s communal table and all delicious courses were be paired with sustainable wines. Chef Allen was joined in the kitchen by fellow esteemed Chefs Michael Schwartz and Aaron Brooks, who jointly prepared this wonderful seafood extravaganza.

The Chefs educating and having fun with the guests.

Crab tostado.

Warm Seafood Salad.

Mixed Seafood and Fresh Pita Bread.

Sword Fish and roasted fresh vegetables.

Sweet Potato Flan.

The food speaks for itself. If you get the opportunity check out the next Sustainable Seafood event by Chef Allen held at Books & Books Cafe at The Arsht Center!