Wine Experiences

Introducing the Wine Experience/ Wine Tasting with Jamie Knee, aka Petite Wine Traveler!

As a seasoned Sommelier and Wine Host with a penchant for orchestrating exquisite experiences, I bring a global influence to every celebration. I curate bespoke events that transcend boundaries and capture the essence of diverse locales.

I specialize in curating experiences that transcend borders. Are you ready to embark on a wine adventure where borders blur and glasses overflow with unique experiences? Journey through the cobblestone streets of Europe via Old World wines or explore California’s vibrant New World terroir, or anywhere in between—all through the magic of wine. 

Ready to transform your next gathering into a global celebration? I will travel to you to craft an event that sparkles with the joy of shared moments and the timeless elegance of fine wine. Let’s connect!! 

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But I don’t stop there. If you’re a hospitality professional seeking to enhance your team’s wine knowledge and guest engagement, I’m here to help. I’ve successfully trained hospitality staff across the nation, empowering them with comprehensive understanding, practical skills, and a passion for creating unforgettable wine experiences. Elevate your service to the next level and leave your guests amazed. 

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🥂 GUARANTEE: I guarantee a memorable and enriching wine journey that will deepen your appreciation and enjoyment of wine.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a Certified Specialist of Wine, and International Wine Judge with a wealth of wine credentials and experience. Email today to start your wine education adventure with Petite Wine Traveler! Cheers! 

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Personal Wine Tastings– Have you always wanted to learn about wine? Well wait no more!! Wine is supposed to be fun, and shared amongst friends and loved ones.

Hospitality Staff Training– I have successfully trained hospitality staff in wine education, helping them develop a comprehensive understanding of different wine styles, grape varieties, and wine regions. I have also organized tastings, seminars, and workshops to enhance their wine tasting abilities and improve their ability to engage with guests. My approach focuses not only on theoretical knowledge but also practical application, empowering staff members to deliver personalized and memorable wine experiences.

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