Where Vouvray is Born!

One of my favorite white wines has to be be Vouvray. An important white wine appellation in France, in the Touraine, and one of the top in all of the Loire. Vouvray uniquely specializes in a wide range of styles from dry to sweet, and still to sparkling, each with its own distinct character. Vouvray is almost always 100% Chenin Blanc.

Vouvray is also the name of the pretty little town just east of Tours on the northern bank of the Loire and its vineyards surround it to the northeast. Houses and cellars are carved out of the local tuffeau, a chalky or sandy, fine-grained limestone. Vineyards inhabit clay and gravel topsoil over tuffeau on the plateau, the best have a slight slope with a southerly aspect.

Chenin blanc’s high acidity and natural adaptability allow it to produce a wide range of styles with enormous success. Styles under the Vouvray name include sparkling, both Brut and Demi-Sec and still, in dry and sweet varieties. Most can age about five years but the best quality versions will continue to improve over decades.

Today I am enjoying a Barton & Guestier Vouvray! Take a look at that lovely pale yellow color with green highlights. This wine has an expressive and flattering nose. Vouvray is loved for its delicate aromas dominated by fruity aromas, think pear, apple and ginger with hints of tropical fruit. The chalky mineral notes and floral overtones appear when aged. Fine and elegant, with a good balance between sweetness and acidity, and a long, fresh fruity finish. A lovely wine that works well with seafood, cheeses or as an enticing aperitif. Cheers!